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Spring 22 Conference Highlights

Physical Therapy Updates:

PT License renewal December 31, 2023. Late renewals will become inactive if renewal is not completed on February 1.

Physical Therapy Treatment Modalities for Dry Needling Continued Education Online courses are accepted with the exception of the Hands-On Competency Exam.

Physical Therapist may supervise Physical Therapist Assistance via Audio and Video Technology as deemed appropriate.

The state of Georgia has established a Compact Privilege for Physical Therapists practicing TELE-HEALTH in other states.


Presenter Amy Wheadom (ExerShine)

Workshops and Website: email address)


Please visit the Georgia Department of Education Website: (Workshops &Trainings)


Our Mission

The purpose of the Alliance shall be to provide a forum for the exchange of information concerning current practice; a training vehicle to advance the current level of practice; a mechanism for developing standards of practice compatible with the needs of students in the Department of Education of Georgia and Allied Agencies.

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