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Job Postings

Griffin Spalding County  School System

  • Occupational Therapist JobID: 2886 

  • Position Type:
     Student Support Services/Occupational Therapist

  • Date Posted:

  • Location:
     System wide

  • Date Available:

  • Closing Date:
     Until Filled




  • Current Occupational Therapist license issued by State of Georgia




  • Master’s Degree

  • Previous work in a school system




  • Ability to interpret assessment results to teachers, parents and other personnel

  • Skill in effective oral and written communication

  • Knowledge of current legal mandates (federal and state), compliance issues, confidentiality requirements, funding procedures and requirements

  • Ability to select and provide a wide range of intervention strategies and monitor effectiveness

  • Ability to plan, coordinate and provide training and continuing education both formally and informally to parents, school administration, school staff, community agencies, staff and other professionals.

  • Physical ability to execute job responsibilities that may include:  transferring and/or lifting students or equipment and managing equipment  

  • Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities; ability to lift a student up to a weight of 40 pounds without assistance; ability to perform a two person lift for students over 40 pounds

  • Written and oral communication

  • Organizational and planning skills

  • Ability to maintain emotional control under stress

  • Ability to be regularly, predictably and reliably at work

  • Ability to perform routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities

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